Don’t Wake Me

As I begin to fall away from time,
  the sharp crack of a whip

Draws my eyes to the sky, where
  a fast moving chariot has appeared

Charging down a cloud bank,
  driven by fierce beauty in armor,

Furiously urging two straining stallions,
  racing to catch me as I fall

Into that whirlpool of siren sighs
  and clutching darkness

That draws me away from life
  and toward that refuge

I’ve always hoped was there:
  where fantasy is the only truth,

Hunger never causes death
  and love escapes the fear of pain.

Life has been an angry flash
  that won’t be left behind, and

All my ghosts have joined me here,
  ready, smiling and crowding close.

I know that nothing waits
  and believe that nothing’s waiting:

The passage is paradise and not
  and the goal is already mine.

Suddenly, beauty is with me…
  I am lifted, held, embraced

In a mist of exquisite calm…
  and, at last, I’m home.

A Hill resident, the author believes that the appreciation of art should not be influenced by the vagaries or prejudices of biography.