Emergency Demolition Permit Issued for Frager's

John Weintraub issues statement

Frager's staff in front of the burnt out shell the day after the fire. Photo: Andrew Lightman

Frager's Hardware owner John Weintraub issued this statement today in regard to the disposition of the building at 1115 Pennsylvania ave. SE.

“After consultation with engineers, safety experts and insurance professionals, the shell of the building that once housed Frager’s has been found unsafe and unstable-- conditions “that should be addressed immediately.”  Because of potential public safety concerns, the city has recommended that the process be expedited by issuing an emergency permit to raze the remains of the building. We will be saddened by this action, but we fully support the need to secure the area and eliminate public safety hazards as we move forward.  We remain focused on getting Frager’s up and running again in several temporary locations; on keeping our employees working; and on taking on this challenge one step at a time.  We thank this wonderful community for its continued support. “

 For additional information, please contact Kristin Sampson at 202.409.9860 or Kristin@fragersdc.com