Fire Breaks Out at Capitol Hill Hunan Dynasty

Firefighters Suspect a Faulty Stovepipe, Ductwork

Firefighters try to put out the blaze at Hunan Dynasty on Nov. 17. (Photo: Guerrilla Ontologist/Twitter)

Capitol Hill’s Hunan Dynasty restaurant (215 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) caught fire Nov. 17 around noon shutting down traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue SE from Second to Third Street. DC Fire and EMS put out the flames just before 1 p.m. and reported no injuries.

Firefighters think that the fire may have started because of a problem with the ductwork for the stove, but they are still investigating the cause, a DC Fire and EMS spokesman said.

Witnesses at the fire saw smoke billowing out of the stovepipe running up the back of the building.

This is not the first grease fire started near that area of Capitol Hill — in June 2011 the Tune Inn bar (331 Pennsylvania Ave. SE) caught fire. That incident started in a stovepipe and spread to the ductwork, like the fire at Hunan Dynasty. Though the blaze caused upwards to $100,000 in damages, Tune Inn reopened for business in November of that year.