FOIA Bake Sale Exceeds Goal

Commissioner Denise Krepp Can Now Cover Her Data Request to DOJ

Caramel sauce and other holiday goods selling at ANC 6B(10) Commissioner Denise Krepp's bake sale to fund her Freedom of Information Act document request at Eastern Market on Dec. 13. (Photo courtesy Denise Krepp)

Armed with cookies, cakes, pies, and holiday treats, Commissioner Denise Rucker Krepp, the ANC 6B(10) commissioner, pulled in $1,097 last Sunday at Eastern Market to fund an investigation into DC prosecution rates.  Krepp requested documents and data from the Department of Justice (DOJ) so that she can review and track the number of prosecutions that came from arrests made by metro police since 2010. The DOJ asked for $1000 to cover the cost of retrieving the data.

Krepp so far has collected a total of $1,867 — $1,097 from Sunday’s Freedom of Information Act bake sale, $420 in direct contributions and $350 from a donated percentage of Dangerously Delicious Pies’ Sunday sales.

In a letter sent to the DOJ on Monday, Krepp said she plans to pay the requested $1,000 for the information and will donate the remaining funds to the department. She also questioned the DOJ’s motive in not allowing her to view the documents free of charge as she represents a community concerned about local crime.

Krepp said she hopes to receive acknowledgement of her request and the documents soon.

“The collective mood was one of frustration with DOJ,” she said of her patrons at the sale Sunday. “Neighbors are upset that A — DOJ doesn't already have this information, and B — that DOJ is charging residents to find it.”