Food Day & Food Roots

Small Bites

Leah Daniels of Hill's Kitchen. Photo: Annette Nielsen

Oct. 24th is now recognized as Food Day, a nationwide celebration and movement advocating healthful, affordable and sustainable food. Modeled after Earth Day and initiated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Food Day has many partners. The day is marked by over 4,000 events –whether NYC’s Apple Crunch (in its inaugural year in 2012, nearly 400,000 New Yorkers took a bite into a NYS apple at the same time – spurring many more ‘crunch’ events this year) or heightening awareness with related events at over 300 colleges and universities across the country.

Mostly, our food choices are influenced by what we know and where we grew up. For each of us, our connections to family, community, ethnicity, often start with food – a particular celebratory dish served at weddings or birthdays, your Bubbe’s kugel, a seasonal, community maple pancake breakfast, a harvest or hunting supper.

You can find an event taking place today or days surrounding Food Day (– you can also explore the compelling stories of people’s culinary origins at American Food Roots (, where well-known Hill resident and food writer, Bonny Wolf, with food writers, Carol Guensburg, Domenica Marchetti, and Michele Kay, along with other contributors, make this a fabulous food resource.  Or, stop in at Hill’s Kitchen and celebrate your home state and your own food roots – pick up one of their new clever tea towels ($14.99), highlighting different states and their respective regional personalities, whether you’re rooting for the Red Sox or the Cardinals and eating a bowl of chowdah or indulging in a slice of gooey butter cake.

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