Frager's Announces Layoffs

Capitol Hill Community Foundation Promises Aid

Volunteers from the Capitol Hill Community Foundation collect donations at Eastern Market for the Frager's Relief Fund. Photo: Andrew Lightman

Despite success in relaunching limited garden and rental operations, Frager's Hardware announced reductions in force today in a press release.

“Despite these efforts and our insurance coverage, business dictates that we trim costs in the short-term if we are to rebuild and re-open in the long-term,” stated today's release.

“As such, we are faced with the most difficult task since the fire. Our employees are the heart and soul of our business, the face of Frager’s for the community. We are all part of the Frager’s family and so laying off members of the family is a hard thing to do. But we have to do it. We have no choice. We have kept everyone on payroll until now, but can no longer sustain that cost,” the statement continued.

Eight full-time staff members have been terminated. Three full-time staff have had their hours reduced. Fifteen part-timers have also been let go, confirmed Frager's spokesperson Kristin Sampson in an email.

Terminated employees are legally eligible to collect unemployment. In addition, The Capitol Hill Community Foundation (CHCF) has created a Frager's Fund for their relief. To date, The Foundation has raised more than $100,000 in this effort.

“Through the generosity of the Capitol Hill community, The Foundation will soon be providing each Frager's employee with a check as a token of support from friends and neighbors. The funds are a reflection of the community's desire to assist them in some small way during this challenging time. A modest relief fund will remain at the Foundation to meet other needs as they arise,” stated CHCF President Nicky Cymrot.

Frager's management remains committed to rehiring its workers as soon as elements of its business have restarted:

“We will maintain contact with everyone and each remains part of the wider family. Frager’s will be up and running again and our intent is to bring back as many staff as we can. We are dedicating ourselves to that mission. It will take some time, but we hope all the employees affected by this layoff will rejoin the Frager’s family as we begin a new time in our history,” the release stated.

For more information on Frager's Fire relief efforts, visit

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