Frager's Deal With Roadside Falls Apart

Frager's Thrives at New Locations

As first reported online by the Washington Business Journal, discussions between Roadside Development, LLC, and Frager's Hardware to redevelop the site of the store's original location have collapsed. The parties remain in contact, but there are no plans to move forward.

“Roadside Development, LLC a Washington, DC-based real estate company, regrets that after months of due diligence and negotiations, they were unable to finalize an agreement for the purchase of the Frager's Hardware Store site. Roadside proposed to purchase the site and have Frager's return under a long-term lease, which would enable Frager's to bring back the store's hardware, paint, garden center, and equipment rental operations to its original location as part of a mixed-use project. The two parties were unable to come to an agreement on issues related to the existing conditions of the site prior to the expiration of the contract,” stated Lionel Lynch, Director of New Development and Strategic Planning at Roadside Development, LLC.

“We are sad that our conversations with Roadside did not bear fruit. We are still looking for a development partner. In the mean time, our hardware store at 1323 E St. SE, our paint store at 1129 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, and our new Garden Center at 1230 Pennsylvania Ave. SE are thriving. Customers have figured out where our new stores are and returning in droves. The best thing is that all sections of Frager's are now in a convenient three-block walk,” Kristin Sampson, spokesperson for Frager's Hardware.