Frager's Installing Key Machines At Pop-Up Garden Center

No Plans to Lease Space on Barracks Row

Two key machines await a third in the new temporary shed at Frager's pop-up Garden Center near historic Eastern Market.  Photo: Andrew Lightman

Frager's has constructed both a temporary shed as well as a shelter in the back of their pop-up Garden Center across from historic Eastern Market. Employees are in the process of installing three key machines. The store expects to begin fabricating keys sometime next week.

In the meantime, the Garden Center now carries garden hoses, smaller bags of potting mix. Other retail items, such as mouse traps, will be offered as soon as issues of weatherized storage are solved.

Contrary to one published account, Frager's is not contemplating moving its glass cutting operations to the Eastern Market site. “The challenges of cutting glass on the pad are too great,” says Frager's spokesperson Kristin Sampson.

Frager's management continues to aggressively seek new locations for its operations. However, the store has no plans to lease space on Barracks Row, says Sampson. The only lease signed so far, as previously reported, is the one for the E Street warehouse.