Get Your Turkey Fried at Medium Rare

Small Bites

Mark Bucher, the famed chef at BGR The Burger Joint in Bethesda is bringing his annual Thanksgiving tradition to his Medium Rare’s Barracks Row location (515 Eighth St. SE).  Each year, the chef opens up one of his restaurants from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thanksgiving day, and deep fries turkeys for his neighbors. 

It’s primarily a way for folks to enjoy this without risking a house fire or creating a mess to clean up in their yards,” says the chef, “and it’s a wonderful community event and one sure to bolster the Capitol Hill neighborhood.”

Chef Bucher stipulates that you can bring your turkey to be fried, but it can be no bigger than 8-10 pounds, and must be completely thawed (any water inside the bird will expand when in the hot oil, and can overflow and start a fire). Everyone should bring a sturdy container to transport the turkey home, too. The chef uses canola oil to fry all the turkeys.

“It’s first come, first served, and we will have a list at the restaurant that morning where people can sign up.”

He says that they will also provide hot cider and coffee for all as well as the Macy’s parade on TV, and adds that while they don’t charge for frying up the turkeys, they ask that those who take part make a donation to a local charity.

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