Gettin’ Your Sweat On at SweatBox

Let’s Get Physical

SweatBoss Adriana encouraging Stacy Peterson during a heart-pounding total body workout.

Are you looking for a new way to improve cardiovascular endurance while building lean muscle mass and flexibility? Checking out the new SweatBox at VIDA Fitness for a heart-pounding, sweaty, and unique workout involving the scientific principles of Heart Rate Training might be the right fit for you. SweatBox gives you a combination of anaerobic and aerobic workout intervals with an energizing, booming music playlist that never leaves you bored.

Upon entering the moderately lit, 1,725 square-foot studio, I approached one of the 23 workout “boxes” arranged throughout the room. Each participant had their own box, consisting of a raised platform with multiple sets of dumbbells, a set of XT suspension training straps, a yoga mat, towel, and a Matrix 1C7 Coach by Color indoor cycle. For those interested in attaining heavier or lighter dumbbells there were ample dumbbell weight options.

At the beginning of the session the lights dimmed as Adriana Sanchez, a motivated SweatBoss trainer, led us through an upbeat workout starting with a warmup and finishing with a cool-down. For 50-minutes I joined a group of enthusiasts performing dumbbell, TX Trainer body weight exercises, and cycling that had us moving smoothly from one exercise to another.

For each set, after spending about 3-5 minutes performing various dumbbell and TX Trainer strength-training exercises, we hopped on our high-tech bikes and pedaled through different intensity color zones. Working out on the indoor cycle was like no other indoor cycle experience. The blend of the Matrix 1C7 Coach by Color bikes and MYZONE heart-rate monitors allowed me to obtain real-time performance feedback on a color queue that illuminated not only on the indoor cycle, but throughout the entire workout studio, switching from green, yellow, blue, or red depending upon the target heart-rate zone. Some target zones of the cycling were geared toward an active recovery to keep us moving while recovering, while others were targeted to give it all we had.  

For those new to this technology, instructors taught us how to enter the appropriate data, such as current training regimen, age, weight, and heart rate to formulate our very own FTW number. The FTW number measures individual performance during the workout, enabling the participant to maximize the workout.

Since workouts are downloaded through Bluetooth technology I had the option of having my smartphone track the progress of my workouts and connect with friends. After each class, results from the workout are sent to the participant’s smartphones and displayed just outside the studio on big-screen TVs. “Knowing how you performed in the workout relative to previous workouts and in comparison to your friends allows you to stay mentally intrigued,” said Sanchez. “It sure keeps you on track versus working out by myself,” stated participant and workout guru Sharita. “It’s a fun way to keep you on target with your workouts and to push yourself.” SweatBox is geared to challenge you mentally and physically, though always within your ability. 

Trainer Sanchez was always on target during our workout session. She guided us from one exercise to the next, motivating and uplifting us to help keep the group in the groove throughout the sweat-dripping workout. After finishing our last set, the full-fitness studio experience would not have been complete without a refreshing, lavender-scented damp hand towel to cool me off. This was a pleasant and enjoyable reward after a sweat-filled workout.

SweatBox is located within VIDA Fitness Studio off the U Street complex and has a convenient, one-stop-shop type atmosphere with a spa, juice bar, and hair salon. Healthy, on-the-go food options are usually available outside the door of the SweatBox to ensure you are properly fueled after a workout. 

SweatBox opened at the beginning of May. The goal during the next five years is to open venues in locations around the metropolitan area, according to Sanchez. The option to attend workouts by the session or monthly is available, ranging from $29 to $39, or $229 a month for unlimited classes. There are no membership fees, so you do not have to be a VIDA Fitness member to join.

SweatBox offers workout classes that enable you to focus on a certain body part or conditioning aspect. For more information or to sign up for a class visit With your first workout session being free, you’ve got nothing to lose, except a whole lot of sweat!

A group of workout enthusiasts sweating it out on the Matrix 1C7 Coach indoor cycle.

Stacy Peterson is a science-based, holistic health, nutrition, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition, physical training, and swimming for all ages on the Hill. For more information about reaching optimal health or achieving your fitness goals contact Acceleration Sports by, emailing,or calling 805-704-7193.

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