Hawk'n'Dove Opens This Week

Just In Time for the Inauguration

Chef Jeremy Magnanelli will reopen the Hawk'n'Dove this week. Photo: Andrew Lightman

Restaurateur Xavier Cervera has done it again. After a long and difficult renovation, The Hawk 'n' Dove is set to reopen just in time for the Inauguration.

The Hawk’n’Dove originally opened in 1967 and was one of the few watering holes common to both supporters and opponents of the Vietnam War. The bar was a second home to Mayor Marion Barry. Generations of interns have discovered its welcoming arms.

Diners can expect an upscale interior that somehow remains true to the tone of the original. Once a warren of interconnected rooms, Cervera has opened up the new restaurant by entirely replacing the second floor and employing vaulted ceilings. He also purchased and is using many of the old decorations that gave the Hawk so much of its pizazz.

Hawk'n'Dove Main Bar

The Hawk's new upscale bar. Photo: Andrew Lightman

The new menu has all the basics: wings, calamari, burgers, a slew of interesting sandwiches, and entrees. One of our favorites is an eggplant and tomato melange over creamy cheesy polenta.

Regulars can also expect to find Paul Maher back behind the bar holding forth on politics and baseball.

Hawk'n'Dove Main Bar

Bartenders hard at work readying the main bar for service. Photo; Andrew Lightman

The Hawk will be open Thursday, Jan. 17 from 4:30 pm to closing.