Heavy Turnout Citywide - Updated

Long Lines in Ward 6

At-Large Candidate David Grosso and Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells pause for a quick lunch at Tunnicliff's Tavern on Capitol Hill. Photo: Andrew Lightman

From the wee hours of this morning, voters lined up at the polls across the District determined to exercise their franchise. One and two-hour waits were not uncommon.

“Longer lines than I ever saw before,” commented Marge Francese, former chief of staff to Councilmember Sharon Ambrose.

Francese is spending the day shuttling Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells from precinct to precinct. Wells and Francese paused to share a meal with At-Large Independent Candidate David Grosso at Tunnicliff's Tavern.

“We have had an extremely good reception all over the city and now in Ward 6. We will hit all eight wards before the end of the day,” stated Grosso, who is holding his election party in strategic Ward 4.

Turnout was particularly high at the polling station located at J.O. Wilson Elementary School located about H Street, which saw over two-hour morning waits. At Eastern Market, the line went from the front door of the North Hall snaking along the Farmers' Line nearly a block.

"The lines were shorter once the morning rush ended.  I don't ever remember seeing so few voting booths.  Only three to four at Miner School.  No wonder lines are so long," stated Elizabeth Nelson.

At Jefferson Junior High, voters fumed at the hour long wait created by the manner in which voters were alphabetically divided by last name. There were problems with the electronic voting machine as well.

“Mostly young people were voting early in the morning,” stated Connie Mauro, who is working the polls for Grosso all day at Eastern Market.

“I believe this will be a very heavy turnout. The numbers will be very good for both President Obama and local races,” stated Hillcrest resident Paul Savage, who spent the morning working the polls.

“I witnessed heavy turnout in two precincts in Ward 5, stated Bill Rice, long time DC political wag.

“The turnout is high because the public is excited to help President Obama to four more years in office; and has an historic opportunity to clean up our city government,” stated Wells.

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