Help Support Our City's Height Limit!

Protect The L'Enfant Plan

The DC Office of Planning has studied the Height of Buildings Act of 1910 and is recommending a 125% increase in height limits in the L'Enfant City. This would endanger our iconic views, the integrity of the L'Enfant Plan, and the city's unique character. From a financial perspective it could raise housing costs and discourage tourism, which brings in 50% of our sales tax revenue and creates tens of thousands of jobs.

In November Mayor Gray will forward this recommendation to Congressman Darrell Issa, chair of the committee that oversees the District of Columbia. City Council is holding a hearing on the matter this Monday, October 28.

If you value our broad avenues, wide views and horizontal skyline, please take a minute to let City Council and the Mayor know that you support continuation of the Height Act and oppose the Office of Planning's proposal to raise height limits.

  • Washington is a thriving, successful city. It does not need taller development, and in fact would be diminished by it.

  • The L'Enfant Plan is a national landmark and should be protected.

  • The height increase would concentrate the benefits of development downtown instead of sharing them across the city.

  • The study is incomplete. If infrastructure and transportation costs were counted, taller buildings would be a net drain on city resources.

  • DC citizens deserve a world class city.

Thanks in advance for your support of this important issue.

More information can be found at Capitol Hill Restoration Society.

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