HR-57 Seeks to Open a Pop Up Event Space Behind Union Market

Tony Puesan, the owner of HR-57 plans to open an event space on the grassy lot behind Union Market (1309 5th Street NE,). This would not be HR-57’s new permanent home (they are working on a space in NW near the Howard Theatre), but an interim use of the land owned by Gallaudet University. The university has plans to develop the land but they agreed to let Puesan use it free of charge until they are ready to break ground (likely two to three years from now). The new event space is to be called Gallaudet Pavilion. 

The Pavilion will host several concert events a week, and the offerings will extend far beyond the jazz offerings for which HR-57 is generally known. Attendees might enjoy jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, and other genres of live music. Many of these events will be offered free of charge, but others will require tickets. Puesan stressed to me that the Pavilion will also serve as a community space, saying that he hopes to partner with the local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions and other community groups that might be interested in hosting public events at the site.

DCity Smokehouse is on deck to act as permanent food vendor, but other small food start-ups will also rotate through, with some events featuring several sellers at once. Unsurprisingly, some of these food businesses will have ties to nearby culinary business incubator Union Kitchen (1110 Congress Street NE).

Puesan hopes to host the first event in late April or early May. Ultimately, the Gallaudet Pavilion will operate seasonally from April-November. Expect to see picnic tables appear in the grassy areas, and the birth of the so-called 5th Street beach. The beach will have white sands and visitors