J.O. Wilson Elementary School

School Notes - October 2014

J.O. Wilson Cheerleaders performing at Walk to School Day

Play and Learning: A Great Combination 

Playgrounds are a wonderful part of childhood but what about a playground that children build themselves? Since J.O. Wilson purchased a set of Imagination Playground blocks, that’s exactly what’s been happening! Imagination Playground blocks are big blue blocks that can be connected in many different ways to make structures and objects. There are no directions or models the idea is that kids explore and create on their own. Students create their own play spaces, and learn important social and creative lessons while doing it. The blocks give students more kinesthetic learning opportunities, and there are wonderful applications to math and science.

Walking with Friends 

Walk to School Day on October 8th was an exciting celebration of physical fitness and walkable routes to school! Over 25 J.O. Wilson students, along with parents and staff, met Principal Haggerty in Lincoln Park before school. The J.O. Wilson cheerleaders performed for the crowd, and after a variety of speeches and community activities, the students made the trek to school. Walk to School Day was a great way to connect with other Capitol Hill schools and get kids moving before a great day of learning. 

Celebrating Community: Past and Present 

In early October, J.O. Wilson hosted a wonderful reunion. Former Principal Erma Fields, who led the school from 1981 to 2002, visited for the first time since leaving J.O. Wilson. A heartwarming reception was held in the school library, which is named in honor of Mrs. Fields. Along with meeting current parents and students, she reunited with teachers who worked under her and with former students who stopped by for the special occasion. -Kate Sweeney, Librarian, J.O. Wilson Elementary School, 660 K St. NE, www.jowilsonelementary.org

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