Logan Circles

2014 at barely two months old, is still “new”! But yet U/14 is off to a busy start with openings, closings and even a transformation or two.


Pulp, the card and gift shop in the 1800 block of 14th Street that opened back in 2002, announced that they would close in January. The business, which followed nearby neighbor Go Mama Go in closing after the death of its owner and founder about three years ago, was one of the few small shops on the strip for years, before U/14 began to attract larger chains and restaurants.

As far as we know, there is no word yet on who will move into the space. The particular block has seen a lot of recent arrivals since the opening of the District apartment building across the street and its ground floor retailers including Lou Lou and Redeem.

Restaurant Bar di Bari on the southwest corner of 14th and R has also served its last supper. But, according to owners, it will be resurrected soon as “Red Light.” Bar di Bari, which served up Italian cuisine, had not actually been in existence for very long. Red Light, however sounds very saucy although apparently few details have been shared about what the concept will be. Perhaps the name alone will be the draw?


We mentioned a few columns ago that graphics design studio Fathom Creative on 14th near Rhode Island Avenue, would soon be giving up its front space with the large window on the street to a new coffee bar. That coffee bar now has a name and it is “Slipstream.” The concept here according to owners is to offer what they call “unique service that pulls customers through in an effortless fashion.” Not sure exactly what this means, but the owner, Ryan Fleming intends to do the same thing with cocktails in the evening. Slipstream is slated to open in the spring.

Note that Caribou coffee across the street has closed also. It is on its transformation path to Peet’s Coffee. Peet’s bought out Caribou.

The Hilton Brothers group, owners of Marvin, Gibson, Eighteenth Street Lounge, Chez Billy among others places, is hoping to steal the show again with Den of Thieves.

The music hall concept, which they are calling a “dive bar” opens in the old Blackbyrd space at 2005 14th Street. Most recently the building was a pop up spot for Hanoi House which is looking to take up residence in Atlas. Local deejays will run the show at Den, Eric Hilton says, and the place will be open only on weekends to start. In contrast to the expensive Gibson speakeasy next door, drinks and light food fare at Den is less pricey in keeping with what the owners want to be a more relaxed and sporty concept. It’s all about the dancing at Den of Thieves.

This & That

When you keep your ear stretched wide open you often overhear things within pick up range or whispered to you directly. It is in this fashion that we have heard that an Asian restaurant on the 14th Street strip is looking over on H Street, NE for a space to open a new concept. H Street is now being referred to as DC’s “Williamsburg” for those who know the excitement the transforming neighborhood in Brooklyn is causing. A mid-sized space on H, near Union Station on the (soon to arrive?) trolley line has become available. This particular part of H Street is growing quickly with a mix of retail shops, restaurants and bars. This space was recently of interest to said Asian restaurant.

“H” is for “heat” apparently, as things get hotter and hotter over in the land of the X2.