In Memory of Charnice Milton

On Behalf of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee

Last Wednesday, May 27th , from 7 to 9:10 PM, Charnice Milton, sat in the center of the front row, facing me and other members of the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee as she normally did on the last Wednesday of the month, her recorder on the table, directly in front of me, preparing her report for the Hill Rag.  

A half hour later, she was shot and killed, on the way to her home in Benning Heights. 

Charnice was a talented reporter who always had a smile for the people at an EMCAC meeting, both before and after she focused on her note pad to prepare her report of the meeting.  I am responsible for preparing the minutes of the EMCAC meeting, but before I would finalize them, I would read Charnice’s column in the Hill Rag because she would always report the important highlights of the meeting, whereas, I would be focusing on reporting the details.  I will miss her as a colleague and the Eastern Market Community will miss her as a person who did so much to not only to report on, but also to publicize, the Market and its activities.

Monte Edwards is Secretary to the Eastern Market Community Advisory Committee. Charnice Milton was on the way home from covering their meeting last Wednesday when she was murdered.