Mixing Colors & Cannabis on Capitol Hill

Puff, Pass and Paint Classes Invite Participants to Smoke While They Learn

(Photo: Puff, Pass and Paint)

Marijuana enthusiasts can now indulge their artistic, baking and pottery interests while smoking at Cannabis Tours’ Puff, Pass and Paint series of private group classes on Capitol Hill.

The classes—“Puff, Pass and Paint”; “Puff, Pass and Pastry”; and “Puff, Pass and Pamper”—give DC residents and visitors the chance to smoke in a safe space and have fun together, said Heidi Keyes, founder of the class series and co-founder of Cannabis Tours out of Denver, Colo.

“People are really excited about it,” Keyes said. “It’s actually one of our biggest markets [in DC].”

Locals and visitors from Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina come to the classes, and Keyes sees a variety of demographics represented in the participants—people in their twenties, grandparents, mothers and more. Some even make the trip into a weekend or use it to celebrate a birthday.

“We really like to encourage creativity. Sometimes people are even nervous about it,” Keyes said. “Cannabis definitely helps people relax into that and helps them enjoy the process of making art.”

The class is private and the location undisclosed until registration to follow DC laws on legal marijuana consumption. Keyes and her instructors don’t supply the marijuana, edibles or alcohol (some people choose to bring wine), but they do supply the materials needed for each class. The age requirement is 21.

Prices range from $20-59 depending on the course, and they usually host them on Thursdays and Saturdays. Classes usually take about two hours.

To learn more, visit puffpassandpaint.com/find-a-class

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