Must See Music: The Cave Singers at the Rock N Roll Hotel

The Cave Singers don't just perform, they throw a full-tilt-boogie party! From their first chord, the band set the tone for an evening of pure American folk rock. Playing songs mostly off their fourth album Naomi, the group set the audience going at a recent concert at the Rock N Roll Hotel.

Losing himself on the guitar, Derek Fudesco played intricate chords. Marty Lund on drums and Morgan Henderson bass are a rocking rhythm duo. Add in Pete Quirk’s raspy vocals and you have the perfect combination.

During the blues driven Black Leaf, Quirk bared his soul growling, " Take me to the river/ Than wash my hand, I'm gonna dreamn/ Kill me/ Take my soul".


No Tomorrow is a fun romp with guitar rifts that lift the audience's feet off the floor.

In the song Haller Lake, Quirk played a melodica to compliment its uplifting melody.

During All Land Crabs and Divinity, a personal favorite, Quirk questioned whether to stick around singing, “It matters what you do/It matters how I deserve this/No matter the crooks in your closet/It's too big of a world to give up now.”

The Cave Singers are a must see. Let them lift you out of a sour mood the next time they boogie through DC.