Must See Music: Cory Morrow at Hill Country BBQ

When we first moved here from Texas twelve years ago, my husband and I would play music from the Lone Star State non-stop. And once in a while, a Texas musician comes to town bringing us sounds of home. That is what happened when Cory Morrow played at Hill Country BBQ last weekend.

Morrow gave me a few minutes of his time before the show to chat. He received his first guitar at fifteen as a gift from his step dad, who had won it in bet while on vacation in Mexico. He fell in love with the instrument, but didn’t really get focused on songwriting until college.>

Morrow's songwriting process varies. Some tunes trickle out in about thirty minutes. Others take a few days to fully form. He finds inspiration comes from all places. However, sometimes a song weaves itself into an elaborate story because, “truth is funnier than fiction.”

Morrow counts Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earl, and Willie Nelson as musical influences. He has performed with Nelson.

Morrow loves a live audience. “It’s the moment, it’s happening right there and you get immediate feedback. It’s just really exciting!” he stated animatedly.

The show was sold out. Morrow played a two hour acoustic set the showcased his guitar and strong vocals. The material drew primarily from his older songs. When Morrow belted out Big City Stripper, the audience helped out. He let the crowd take the lead on the chorus as many hoisted their glasses in the air. Several couples demonstrated their Texas Two Step during Love Me Like You Used To Do and Nashville Blues, two personal favorites.

Looking for some music to spice up that summer barbecue, check out Cory Morrow.

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