Must See Music: John Corbett at Hill Country

Best known for his acting on the television shows “Northern Exposure,” “Sex and the City,” as well as his role in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” Jim Corbett moonlights as a country singer. He demonstrated these skills recently at Hill Country BBQ in Penn Quarter.

Corbett’s passion for music was sparked by his mother's gift of a guitar at age 7. Currently touring to promote Leaving Nothin’ Behind, he is capitalizng on his 2006 self-titled album that reached number two on country billboards.

Corbett on acoustic guitar and lead vocals performed for almost three hours with his band mates: Tara Novick (guitar), David “the Hawk” Lopez (drums) and Louie Vincent Ruiz (bass). Novich, a former member of The Stray Cats, took the lead on a few Rockabilly songs.

“All I’m guilty of is drinking cheap tequila and falling in love,” Corbett crooned. The lyrics from El Paso tell the tale of an innocent man about to hanged for the death of a cowboy.

In the voice of a rambling man, Corbett promised a woman a diamond ring and picket fence in Waiting on Heartache. This is an anthem for those of us waiting around for fickle man. Don't wait around, Corbett advised.

Corbett tackles a man’s struggle with addiction on song In Whiskey and Me, Corbett tackled the subject of addiction. The song, while dealing with heavy subject, is a fun and fast paced.

Corbett’s sound is fresh and earthy. Betraying his thespian training, he smiles, dances and flirts with the audience. There were a lot of grins in the audience and a great vibe overall.

It’s not easy move from the screen to a honky-tonk bar, but Corbett does it flawlessly.

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