Must See Music: A Night With Willy Moon

I could think of no better way of having spent my Friday night than at the U Street Music Hall surrounded in the musical sounds and talents of Willy Moon. If rocker Nick Cave and 1950s crooning Elvis Presley’s music were to have a baby, I have no doubt it would sound much like Moon’s unique, seductive sound.

Moon’s music blends 1950s rock with edgier drum beats and guitar rifts. The combination makes for a very high energy sound and sometimes haunting melodies. For example, the song “ Yea, Yea” has dance beats. His crooning of “I Wanna Be Your Man” had the feeling of an edgy sock hop. “Railroad Track,” his most popular song put out on Jack White’s label, had the audience singing and swaying along to rhythms reminiscent of a train ride.

From the minute Moon walked on to the stage, rocking one of his signature tailored suits and perfectly coiffed hair, he owned the room. At one point, he threw himself to the floor to finish a song writhing to the drum beats. People in the back, leaning forward to see where the crooner had gone, were startled when he suddenly jumped back up and resumed.

The set was short. The crowd danced and bopped lost in Moon's delightful rhythms. After an encore, the house lights came on. The crowd moaned in sadness that the show was indeed over.

Walking in the show on Friday, I was not familiar with Moon’s work. I definitely left a fan. Check out Willy Moon. He is definitely an artist to watch.