Nearing Death Awareness

Nearing death awareness is the mind and

        heart going home, revisiting people and

Places and things: the experiences that have

        imprinted in and on each person’s mind:

A collage of life and living that accumulated

        as each person lived and grew:

Memories, then, that randomly became me…  

        but that just as well could be you.

Come back childhood, too long when lived,

        too short when now relived.  

Come back bullies and pain

        that taught me to despise meanness;

Come back closet refuge from fear

        where I spent hours of reflective relief;

Come back toys and games and sounds from

        The playgrounds where they were found;

Come back neighborhood children,  

        my alter egos and childhood friends;

Come back grandfather’s old farm dog, my

        summer companion, as I learned to work;

Come back insightful, painful empathy

        for those hurt…or who had less.

Come back truth, certainty and God,

        things that could be counted on, back then.

Not a whole lot of real, end time comfort…

        but it is what I had and have:

A few, cumulative memories that are…

        and that, once upon a time, became me.


A template, then, to be redrafted/filled in by you,

        the reader: the subject of your awareness.

A Hill resident, the author believes that the appreciation of art should not be influenced by the vagaries or prejudices of biography.