New Grill to Open in Old Uniontown Space

Uniontown Bar and Grill opened in 2011, but closed in August 2012 after owing $18,000 in back rent and owner Natasha Dasher plead guilty to selling drugs. Photo by Charnice A. Milton

Gabriele Tripodo, former owner of Port City Java, received Uniontown Bar and Grill's lease, Four Points, LLC principal Stan Voudrie and the ARCH Development Corporation recently confirmed. Tripodo plans to open “a new grill with tavern-style menu,” in Uniontown's former space located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, according to their submission to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA).

“The establishment will have a positive effect on the community...Once open, it will offer residents another option for eating and gathering, which the community lacks,” the submission stated.

The move comes six months after Uniontown owner Natasha Dasher was evicted after owing $18,000 in back rent. Dasher also pleaded guilty to two drug-related felonies.

“I think it's wonderful and it goes to show that Anacostia is a viable, sought after place to do business,” stated Phil Hutinet, the Chief Operating Officer of ARCH.

“Uniontown was always packed for lunch, happy hour and dinner and its would be wonderful to see that energy again,” added Hutinet.