Options Charter School Update

Speaking at the October ANC 6A meeting, Darren Woodruff, vice president of Public Charter Schools, and Shannon Hodge, executive director of Options PCS, said that in November there will be a vote on a new name and there may be a new staff next year. The two schools that may take over Options are Phillips School and the Children’s Guild. Both have locations in Maryland and Virginia. There will be a board meeting on Nov. 17 at Friendship Chamberlain Elementary School to approve one or more of these applications. A receiver has been put in place to run the previous version of Options and will select a new operator for the school. 

Hodge said that the building has received exterior improvements and that they are trying to be attentive to community concerns. The staff would like to name the school Kingsman Academy, after the elementary school that used to be in its place, and have an alumna of this former school on the board of directors. For more information contact Devonne Robertson at 202-547-1028

Excerpted from the October ANC 6A Report.

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