The Poetic Hill

Jonathan Lewis is an international Hill poet whose poetry has been published in five countries. In 2015, he received a Reader’s Award from Orbis Literary Journal. Most recently, his poem titled “Jökull” (“glacier”), inspired by a trip to Iceland, appeared in The Icelandic Connection. You can also read his articles on unusual and quirky DC history in the Hill Rag. His inspiration for the poem below, whose name is the Japanese term for “flower viewing,” was our own local cherry blossoms and was written especially for DC poetry lovers.


Old woman sleeps beneath
two Yoshino cherry trees –
snowflakes in her hair.
Tides of tourists choke the pools,
Pink parasols abound,
confetti in a chow chow’s fur.
Cumulus branches stretch
over the Manzanar memorial –
etched ravines run white, red.
Koi plough through the basin,
inhale each burst of constellation,
release petals to the sea.

Meet Jonathan Lewis and local poets Jean Nordhaus, Patricia Gray, Teri Cross Davis, and Kim Roberts in the Poets’ Corner at the Literary Hill BookFest on Sunday, May 1, from 11am to 3pm, and join them for a reading and open-mic event at the new Poets’ Corner@Tunnicliff’s on the patio at Tunnicliff’s Tavern at 3pm.

If you would like to have your poem considered for publication, please send it to (There is no remuneration.)