Politics & Prose Coming to Union Market

The Second of the Bookstore Shops Will Open in the Fall

Who’s ready for some Politics and Prose right around the corner? The indie bookstore (5015 Connecticut Ave. NW) has announced plans to open a second location at Union Market (1309 Fifth St. NE) in the fall of 2017.

Politics and Prose will take over a warehouse space near the main food hall of the Market area. It will take up a smaller space than the Northwest store’s 9,000 square feet. The bookstore will also host several events like author signings, book conversations and larger ticketed events at the Dock 5 Warehouse. It may also expand to include workshops, classes and children’s activities throughout the local neighborhood.

Owners of the store Brad Graham and Lissa Muscatine bought the original 1984 shop in 2010 from founders Carla Cohen and Barbara Meade. Graham and Muscatine want to expand to the Market area as a part of the revival of the space in the last few years, they said in a post on the Politics and Prose website.

“The revived indoor food market there already has turned into a booming success,” Graham and Muscatine wrote. “Now P&P will join a number of other retailers in populating a row of soon-to-be-renovated warehouses located next to the market.”