Randall School Deal Moves

Telesis to Partner With Lowe Enterprises

Telesis Corporation will partner with Lowe Enterprises for the development of the Randall School property (65 I St. SW), Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen announced Wednesday.

Since 2013, the Randall Planned Unit Development has remained stalled despite the approval of their Planned Unit Development (PUD) application. When it goes through, the Telesis team has laid out plans to build a contemporary art museum and residential area as well as a site for a restaurant or retail.

The project lacked sufficient funding to get off the ground — until, hopefully, now.

New partner Lowe Enterprises brings more than 40 years of national experience in real estate, hospitality management and investment. It develops hotels and resorts across the country, handles corporate projects like City Vista in DC (475 K St. NW), and is based in Los Angeles, Calif., with offices in DC. It is currently involved in more than $3 billion in real estate development nationwide, according to its website. 

"This is exceptionally good, long-awaited news," said Robert Hall, president of the board for Capitol Park IV Condominium. "The Telesis/Rubell project, as approved by the Zoning Commission and the Historic Preservation Review Board, is not only architecturally striking, but it will bring an art museum showcasing what is perhaps the best family-owned collection of modern art in the world."

Hall added that he thinks this project "has it all" — affordable housing, a major restaurant and the art component. He called it a "game-changer" for the Southwest neighborhood.