Restauranteur Xavier Returns To The Hill

Old Staff to Be Rehired

Chef Brendan Tharp shucking oysters. Photo: Sharon Bosworth

Barracks Row Entertainment Group, owners of The Box Car, Chesapeake Room, Pacifico, The Hawk'n'Dove, Senart's, Lola's, Molly Malone's, The Park Tavern, and the so-to-be opened Willie's Brew & Cue, has made a major management change.

Xavier Cervera, the restauranteur responsible for developing all ten restaurants, is resuming their management in a consulting role. Cevera is now rehiring many of the well-beloved bartenders who had been fired under his brother's regime including Nick, Rebecca and Mary. Chef Brendan Tharp will be resuming a lead role at Senart's. Chef Robbie Wood, who served at the helm of the Chesapeake Room, will also be returning in an unspecified role.

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