Results Gym Plans to Reopen Thursday on Capitol Hill

Updated at 1:15 p.m.

As of noon on March 16, Results the Gym at 315 G Street SE announced it will reopen on Thursday, March 17 for normal hours but under new management from Results Gym DC (RGDC).

Late on March 15, the gym closed its doors due to financing problems with their building lease.

Representatives of the popular Capitol Hill gym posted a notice on the building and neighborhood listservs informing members that their landlord plans to evict Results because of the dispute over the lease cost. According to another sign posted by the building management, the gym will reopen on Thursday under new management — RGDC.

"The change in management will not affect your membership privileges in any way," the new release from gym partner Cwi Steiman said. "We will honor all membership commitments made by the previous management, and we will deliver excellent quality of service during the transition."

Results’ post on Tuesday said the lease issues started six months ago.

“At present, we do not know how Results Gym’s remaining assets will be allocated between its secured and unsecured creditors,” the Tuesday post stated. “As that process plays out, we hope to provide you with additional information.”

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