Rumor of Frager's Auction False

Posting on MOTH Creates Confusion Among Customers

“You may know that Frager's sold its property on Pennsylvania Avenue; this week there will be an online auction of the contents of the store,” stated an April 27th posting entitled, “Own a Piece of Frager's,” on the Mothers on the Hill (MOTH) listserv attributed to Micah Salb of the law firm Lippman, Semsker & Salb LLC.

The posting suggested readers follow a link to a page hosted by Ramus Auctions. The page gave the location of the auctioned store as 3459 14th St. NW. This is the site of recently closed Cooper Hardware, Inc. in Columbia Heights.

Frager's Hardware is not conducting an online auction of the contents of its store, stated John Weintraub, the store's owner.

"Frager's Hardware is not closing in my lifetime. The store is operating as it has for nearly 96 years at its current site at 1323 E St. SE. We are committed to moving back to our original location as soon as the planned development there is built by Perseus," Weintraub stated.

Salb has represented a former tenant of Frager's, Atlas Craft Development, in a lawsuit against the hardware store over losses sustained in the 2013 tragic fire, according to a source in the DC legal community.