Rumsey Swim Coach Has Died

Zaan Scott Died on May 17

Zaan Scott. (Photo: GoFundMe campaign)

A beloved Rumsey Aquatic Center swim coach has died after suffering paralysis more than a month ago from a bullet to the spine.

Coach Zaan Scott, 25, collapsed on May 17 during a photo session with the Washington Post. He and his fiancée Jamese Harvey were working to get him from his new wheelchair to the car when he lost consciousness. He died later at the hospital. The official cause of death is yet to be determined

On April 9, Scott was walking home from his job as a swim instructor when a robber attacked him. The robber fired a gun, which lodged in Scott’s spine and eventually paralyzed him.

He spent several weeks in the hospital and had entered rehabilitation. Neighbors had also started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his rehab and relocation to a more wheelchair accessible home. The GoFundMe now has more than $17,000 raised. He had optimism.

“Maybe I’ll be able to teach from the side of the pool,” Scott told the Post before he died. “Not beginners, but more advanced students. Or maybe I’ll go back to school. Something in science or math.”

According to the Washington Post reporter, he and Harvey even had started planning a trip to Jamaica. But Scott died before they could go.

Scott’s case is now a homicide. Police have not announced any suspects in the case yet.

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