Sandy Storms on to The Hill

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Arena Stage in Southwest is pounded by Sandy's rain. Photo: Andrew Lightman

Hurricane Sandy has begun to arrive in Washington, DC. Driving rain and increasing winds are making travel unpleasant. 47 mph gusts have been reported at National Airport. Forecasters expect substantial rain and extreme winds that could gust as 90 mph. Landfall is now expected near Atlantic City. However, the storms effects will be felt throughout the DC area.

Residents of Ward 6 hurried to get last minute shopping done today. Frager's Hardware ran out of D Batteries and Flashlights, although they expect to receive new shipments tomorrow.

Frager's expects to remain open until 7.p.m.

"Sales are fantastic. Please keep coming out," said Jack Rush, a Frager's employee.

The Eastern Market will open tomorrow for normal hours.

Safeways hours "vary based on severity of weather and access. Our goal is to keep every store open as long as possible while complying with local evacuation orders," according to spokesperson Michael DeAngelis. 

WMATA has not yet decided when to resume operations. 

"Stay in. With that much rain going into the ground, potentially we could lose a record number of trees," states Councilmember Tommy Wells.

The Hill Rag will be following story. So check back here for more details.

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