School Opens in The District

Ms. Bomba's Second Grade Art Class at Maury Elementary School. Photo: Elizabeth Nelson

Today is the eagerly awaited first day of school for DC Public School students. Teachers are excited to try out their new lesson plans. Students are glad to be reunited with friends, whom they haven't seen since June. And parents may be happiest of all, to see their children settled in their classrooms.

At Maury Elementary School on Capitol Hill, there are many exciting changes; new teachers, more children, additional classrooms where the playground used to be, and Spanish language instruction.

“It's a lot to take in, but the kids are getting off to a great start,” states Elizabeth Nelson, a Maury School volunteer.

Many students elsewhere in the city will be attending newly renovated and modernized schools. These include:

  • Dunbar Senior High School Ward – Ward 5;

  • Cardozo Educational Campus – Ward 1;

  • Hearst Elementary School – Ward 3;l

  • Mann Elementary School – Ward 3;

  • Powell Elementary School – Ward 4;

  • Shepherd Elementary School – Ward 4;

  • McKinley Middle School – Ward 5;

  • Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School – Ward 6;

  • Peabody Elementary School – Ward 6;

  • Beers Elementary School – Ward 7;

  • Hendley Elementary School – Ward 8.