School-Within-School at Goding

School Notes - October 2014

Councilmember Tommy Wells, SWS Principal John Burst, and Mayor Vincent Gray cut a ribbon to mark the opening of a new playground shared by SWS and the Sherwood Recreation Center. photo: Shaaren Pine 

Come Play With Us! 

Ask any student at SWS, “What’s the most exciting thing about this school year?” and you are almost certain to get this answer: The new playground! After a year of careful planning and a summer of closely-watched construction, the playground shared by SWS and Sherwood Recreation Center opened in late September. It includes swings, a merry-go-round, slides, and a state-of-the-art, prize-winning climbing structure. The playground is open to the public, so go check it out! 

Top Garden 

Earlier this school year, SWS’s garden was named the 2014 Citywide Best Sustained School Garden. The award was based both on the school’s beautiful vegetable garden and on an essay written by third grader Tillie Freed. She read her winning essay aloud at the Growing Healthy Schools kick-off event on September 29th. The school is proud of Tillie and of all the teachers and parents who help run the garden and the FoodPrints program, which teaches students about food production and cooking. (FoodPrints has also convinced a generation of students that kale salad is a treat.) As Tillie wrote in her essay, “Our garden is the best sustainable garden in DC because our garden has been growing and moving with our school. Whenever we move to a new school building, the first thing we think about is our school garden.” --by Hannah Schardt. 920 F St. NE,