Shelonda Tillman Withdraws From the Democratic Primary

Ward 6 Race Down to Two Contenders

Shelonda Tillman has withdrawn from the Ward 6 Democratic Primary. In an email to the Hill Rag, Tillman wrote: “I would like to apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused. However, While running for the Ward 6 Council seat, I began to realize the district is one city, with one major political party, that views issues from a one-sided perspective. this time, I will not align myself with a political party. I am no longer a democratic candidate for the primary election in April.”

Tillman plans to run as an independent in November's general election. “ However, I will enter the general election as an Independent in order to represent all residents with a concrete and solid platform that will transform Ward 6 into a sustainable community,” she wrote.

Tillman will not be participating in the Ward 6 election forms sponsored in part by this publication.

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