St. Mark’s Dance Studio Recital

A Capitol Hill Tradition
Photograph By
Heather Schoell

Tue. 5:15pm class featuring Ashley Alexander, Lily Barnes, Sonia M. Bautista, Zoe Byers, Valencia Green, Caroline Mastel, Rose Norton, Reece Pauling, Kai Robinson, Mary Jane Schmidt, Olivia Schoell, and Jessica Thomson.

Dance teachers Rosetta Brooks, Jessica Sloane, and Dorothy Walker of the St. Mark’s Dance Studio gave Capitol Hill  a taste of grace and elegance on June 4, that showcased all their students’ hard work. The morning recital featured the youngest of the studio with their adorable costumes. The afternoon recital offered impressive performances by teens and adults. See for information on how to register for Fall 2016 classes.

Sat. 11am class featuring Asia Alexander, Haleigh Holman, Electra Hurwood, and Deanna Hampton.
Sat. 10am class featuring Virginia “Ginny” Fontana, William Hudson, Sydney “Bella” Pounds, Lola Sanger, Evelyn Webster, and Nicola Yee.
Adult Pointe class featuring Renee Braden, Kitty Felde, Mary Freed, Patricia Hill, Leyla Mocan, and Rhonda Sincavage.