Stolen Car Careens into Commissioner's Lawn

An ANC 6A Commissioner's Fight for Speed Bumps Moved to His Own Yard

Commissioner Calvin Ward's front lawn on the 400 block of 19th Street NE. (Photo courtesy Calvin Ward)

A stolen car rocketed into the ANC 6B08 commissioner’s front lawn on the 400 block of 19th Street NE on Monday around 4 p.m. No one was injured, and the driver, the young man who stole the car, fled on foot. Police are still searching for him.

This incident is one in a recent string of accidents involving speeding cars along 19th Street NE, said homeowner and Commissioner Calvin Ward. He said the car damaged his gate and lawn and endangered his neighbors. The incident again highlighted the need for speed bumps along 19th Street which Ward said he and ANC 6A commissioners unanimously agreed upon. They sent a letter petitioning the city for the changes in September.  

At the December ANC 6A meeting, a city representative told the ANC of a scheduled assessment of the road set for mid-January. Ward said he hopes the plans move quickly to alleviate the danger.

“It’s a huge concern, speeding on this street,” he said, “not only to me but also to my neighbors.”

Ward said in a previous incident a car sped through a red light at the intersection of 19th Street NE and E Street NE, the driver lost control and flipped the car. With three schools and students nearby — Eliot-Hine Middle School, Blow Pierce Junior Academy and Eastern High School — unregulated speeding causes a major safety hazard, he said.