Trayon White to Run for Ward 8 Council Seat

Candidate Will File Papers Today

Photo: Andrew Lightma

Trayon White will file paperwork and pickup petitions today to run for the Ward 8 council seat. In a crowded field of candidates, White came within 78 votes of wining the special election in 2015.

“Ward 8 residents lack adequate representation at City Hall. Trayon White, who has a proven track record of accomplishments in Ward 8, will run on a platform of improving the quality of education for our young people, reducing crime, creating jobs and facilitating an environment for economic development in the community,” stated his campaign's press release.

“I think he will be a formidable candidate,” stated longtime activist Philip Pannell. “He has a committed core of young, energetic supporters. His entry should make for an exciting race.”

“Ward 8 is lucky to have two quality candidates running in 2016. I look forward to hearing their plans for the ward at the debates sponsored by the Ward 8 Democrats,” stated Charles Wilson, president of the Ward 8 Democrats.

White will make his announcement at 1 p.m. today at Shepard Park located at the intersection of Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard SE.