Turf Improvement Project to Begin at Lincoln and Stanton Parks

The National Park Service (NPS) announced on Oct. 2 that a turf improvement project will temporarily close parts of Lincoln and Stanton Parks from Oct. 14, 2014 to June 30, 2015.

The center and south center areas of Lincoln Park, and the center and eastern areas of Stanton Park will be closed, but the children’s playgrounds at both parks will remain open, NPS spokeswoman Jenny Anzelmo-Sarles said.

The project targets the soil in these areas, which is so compacted that grass cannot grow properly, and will re-seed them with a new seed blend and improve soil health.

The NPS worked with their top turf specialist, who also manages turf improvement on the National Mall, to “develop a seed mixture especially designed for the conditions at Lincoln and Stanton Parks,” the spokeswoman said.

NPS Superintendent Gopaul Noojibail said that this new approach “is a long-term commitment, and our end goals are healthy, beautiful parks that are open for the community to enjoy.”