The Vegetable Garden

Honey! We're Not In Kansas Anymore!

My cucumbers. Photo: Lois Tavaf-Motamen

Who doesn’t love the taste of home grown fresh cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden? Throw in a few eggplants and assorted colorful peppers and a feast can be had. Even in the tiniest of spaces a vegetable garden can be a great investment. There really is no good excuse to NOT cultivate a tiny patch of dirt or pots with your favorite items, especially since we live in such a plant friendly environment – most of the time. And, the season lasts for a good several months that makes it worth the effort.

So it was with a great deal of zest that we planted three cucumber vines, three tomato plants, one eggplant, chives, and red, yellow, and green peppers this summer in our little space. Last year, the crop was miserable following a sweltering heat wave. But so far this season we’ve been lucky with a couple tomatoes and peppers so far. Those sneaky cucumbers try to hide out but undoubtedly get found.

We tried to mix it up a bit with some vintage seeds from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello flower collection. That was a bust! Thank goodness for perennials. They may not be as pretty, but they are great for the lazy man planter. And if you really want some brilliant color on a fence or two, the clematis vines never fail to inspire. We had several gardens to tend in the Midwest, but this one seems harder to maintain. It doesn’t have anything to do with the size of the space – perhaps just the age of the gardener’s bones that find it harder and harder to move like a grower needs to. But that is all forgotten when the crop comes in.

I semi retired to DC's Capitol Hill with my husband after 30 years of Midwest living. I swapped winter all year for four seasons; a 2500 sq ft suburban home for a 500 sq ft condo; a two car garage for street parking; an acre of land for a small patio & garden; and a beautiful borzoi for a tiny Betta fish. I literally left everything behind except one carload of fond memories and good wishes. My goal is to share what we encounter in pictures, sketches, and observations. It's been an interesting transition!

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