Washington Capitals, DCPS Launch District-Wide Street Hockey Curriculum

Through a partnership with DC Public Schools, the Washington Capitals will introduce hockey to more than 48,000 students across 111 schools through a multi-week street-hockey curriculum. The programming, which will become a core unit in the physical education curriculum, is part of the Capitals’ investment of more than $1.6 million toward the development of youth hockey in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, and is funded primarily by the National Hockey League’s Industry Growth Fund (IGF). $300,000 has been awarded to initiatives focusing on diversity and $900,000 has been allocated toward the advancement of ball and street hockey. The Capitals will contribute an additional $401,000 toward the growth of youth hockey in support of the project. 
In December the Capitals provided each elementary, middle, and high school P.E. teacher in the city with hockey skills training from the Washington Capitals community relations and youth hockey staff. In January, the Capitals provided schools with a full set of branded street hockey equipment specifically designed for their students’ age group. The Capitals and DCPS developed a curriculum for teachers to use in the street hockey program based on the USA Hockey American Development Model. During the school year, Capitals staff will continue to provide guidance and instruction to DCPS, and select schools will be invited to the Capitals practice facility to watch the team practice and participate in a free skate.

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