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School Notes - October 2014

Students from Waterfront Academy celebrated Hispanic Heritage month.

Hispanic Heritage

The students of Waterfront Academy walked to the Smithsonian’s Discovery Theater on the Washington Mall, had a picnic on the Mall, and then enjoyed the show, “Uno, Dos, Tres con Andres” to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month. “Uno, Dos, Tres con Andres” is a bilingual children’s music show that celebrates Latin culture. 

Waterfront Academy is a bilingual school that keeps the dual immersion culture at the school by creating an environment that places the Spanish language as the prestigious language. Students thoroughly enjoyed singing and dancing and practicing their Spanish words. It was truly a fun time had by all. This field trip was a fun way to reinforce the Spanish that they have been learning since the start of the school year as the prestigious language. 

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage and Latin Culture doesn’t need to be confined to only one month and there are several similar events and trips planned year round. 

100 Book Challenge

Waterfront Academy students started the 100 Book Challenge in October where the goal is for each student to read over 100 different books this school year. To make the challenge a little more manageable for younger students, every 25 books is acknowledged with a small celebration. 

One student proved to be an especially eager reader. Madison breezed through her first milestone in just a few weeks, making her Waterfront's first celebrated Challenge reader. Great job, Madison!!

Reading is the cornerstone to a lifetime of learning and giving students the gift of enjoyable reading is a priority. They are encouraged in both free reading and writing at school as well as at home. WaterfrontAcademy.org; www.facebook.com/WaterfrontAcademy

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