Waterfront Station II To Be Built at 1000 4th Street SW

PN Hoffman Won the Bid to Develop the Mixed-Use Site

Waterfront Station II at 1000 Fourth Street SW will be developed by PN Hoffman. (Photo: Torti Gallas Architects)

Residents along the waterfront can expect new retail, restaurants and a “black box” theater at the Waterfront Station Two on 1000 Fourth Street SW thanks to resounding support from local representatives.

On March 25, the District approved PN Hoffman real estate developers’ application to construct a 400,000-square-foot mixed-use building — a bid that gained unanimous support from Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6D. This estimated $157 million development plan supports the effort to revive Fourth Street Southwest’s business community. 

Waterfront Station Two will include: 400 studio, one and two-bedroom residential units, 30 percent or 133 of which are affordable housing; a 10,000-square foot “black box” theater in collaboration with Forum Theatre group; about 22,000 square feet of retail with storefronts opening up onto Fourth Street; 220 underground parking spaces for both residential and retail users; and a new diner, coffeehouse style restaurant. 

“This is a natural extension of everything else we’re trying to do in the community,” said PN Hoffman founder and CEO Monty Hoffman. “We are pleased that the ANC was so much supportive because we want to be creative in that community and the resurgence of Fourth Street.”

PN Hoffman’s project plan when compared to the other developer bids showed more retail space as opposed to residential — a deal breaker for local residents, said ANC 6D(05) Commissioner Roger Moffat.

“That will translate into creating a proportionate number of jobs, one of the greatest needs of the community,” he said. “Not included on the list, but also a potential deal breaker for me is a commitment to exempt the building residents from RPP [Residential Parking Permit], which they also agreed to.”

As for the timeline for construction and completion, PN Hoffman has not yet secured the dates.

PN Hoffman currently oversees two other major projects in the Southwest region — the renovation and addition of condominiums in the Riverside Baptist Church and the development of the Wharf. The developers want to bring foot-traffic and easy transit to support the growing community, Hoffman said.

“We are creating a walkable community,” Hoffman said. “We do expect that we’ll be able to bring people in on Metro, we’re lobbying to bring a Circulator bus back to the area and a shuttle from the Wharf for free.”

Looking ahead, Hoffman said he wants to help start water taxi system that eventually will connect the economies and communities of the Southwest Wharf, the Alexandria, Va., harbor, and Georgetown. 

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