What’s Behind the House

Garden Patio by Lois Tavaf-Motamen

All along the streets of Capitol Hill in front of the majestic townhouses are gardens of all shapes and sizes that match the personalities of the owners. If there is no space on the ground, foliage of all colors and umbrellas of all sizes can be seen on the rooftops.

We had an acre of land in the Midwest and several gardens were created to make the area as cozy as possible. One garden was inspired by the gardens of Versailles, but definitely on a much smaller scale. Our 100-pound Borzoi had a separate fenced area to play in and where he could admire the deer in the distance. The fence, with an arched entryway covered in roses, was surrounded by hostas. It was the kind of neighborhood where the perennials that abounded were shared between friends.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the neighborhood’s architectural beauties? One of my favorites is completely surrounded by brick with some historical significance transported from Pennsylvania. Getting that truckload of brick from the front of the house to the rear was back breaking, but the end result is a lovely place to entertain friends and family. It is not unusual for the neighbors to meander to the arched entryway, and take a seat at the teak table, share in a s’mores treat in front of the glowing fire, or stop by for a chat. There is something neighborly about this place, which reminds me of the Midwest. And that doesn’t happen all that often.

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