Where Will the Flea Markets Go During Hine Construction?

During construction, the weekend flea markets, which are managed by two different private entities, will move to Seventh Street, between C Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. “There's already a flea market operated by DGS [the Department of General Services] on Seventh Street,”  said Alex Golding, vice-president of Stanton Development, part of the Hine development team of Stanton-Eastbanc, LLC. “As a result, it would flow as a two-block flea market.” The DGS-sponsored market is managed by Eastern Market manager Barry Margeson, who helped develop a license agreement between all three markets and Stanton-EastBanc.

Margeson said the smaller space could cause issues, especially during load-ins in the mornings and load-outs in the afternoon. Instead of using separate loading areas for each market, vendors will use a space located at Seventh and C. He plans to work with the vendors in order for the transition to go smoothly. 

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