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Yoga on the Run participants meet at the athletic apparel and accessories store Summit to Soul before heading off on their run with owner Kim Wattrick. Photo: Summit to Soul

Do you enjoy running and yoga? If so, Yoga on the Run might be for you!

I arrived at Summit to Soul a few minutes before the 6:30 p.m. running start time, where I had the opportunity to tour the inviting new store (only four months old) and speak with owner Kim Wattrick about her athletic apparel shop ofecofriendly and responsibly sourced athletic apparel. While exploring the pleasantly displayed store I met several individuals who also live on the Hill and were there to participate in the free run-yoga-run meetup and workout session. Welcoming faces and open-minded individuals made this event a hit, something I would definitely partake in again. 

One of the participants, Jane, wanted to attend the event because “it is a good way to meet other active individuals. I enjoy yoga on a weekly basis, but haven’t engaged much in running, so I figured running with a group would be a good place to start.”

Before jumping into the run, we took a quick group picture outside Summit to Soul. Then off we went! The 1.2-mile run from the store off Eighth Street SE to East Side Yoga on 10th Street NE went quickly. We ran across G Street and then straight up 10th Street, a direct and manageable route for the 25 participants. Conversations and laughter echoed as we ran across Capitol Hill. New relationships formed and old ones were strengthened while we enjoyed the crisp evening weather.

Upon reaching the studio we were greeted by East Side Yoga owner Alia Khan. The property is pleasantly located with a rooftop deck and a lounge with front desk, restroom, massage room, and yoga studio. With the climate outside being of perfect temperature, we engaged in a 20-minute yoga session on the rooftop deck as the sun began to set. A mix of enjoyable and lighthearted music rang across the rooftop with the warmth of the string lights beaming across the area. We moved from one pose to the next, focusing on our alignment, breathing, technique, and overall body awareness.

Next to me was Beth, a joyful person who used to lift weights and run in endurance events but now wants to practice yoga and focus on shorter running events for fun. “I feel I’m burnt out of running half-marathons and I want something different to keep me engaged and help me reach my health goals,” she explained. “Being more limber, staying fit, limiting injuries, and meeting other individuals who have the same interest are important to me,” she added. 

We wrapped up our yoga session and headed back to Summit to Soul. By this time the sun had set which made for an enjoyable last half-mile run in the dark. Friendly high-fives were made, in addition to an exchange of phone numbers to keep in touch with new workout buddies.

If running and yoga are two of your favorites, or something that you want to engage in more frequently, these approachable group offerings are sure to help get you get started and stay active. Running and yoga are gratifying and simple ways to incorporate aerobic training, anaerobic training, stretching, and mobility into your exercise program. The simplicity of the workouts makes them easy for all to complete, as they do not need fancy equipment, allowing you to engage in them anytime and anywhere.  Whether you are at home, on a business trip, or visiting loved ones out of town, running and yoga are convenient for all. 

Yoga on the Run is hosted by two Capitol Hill female-owned businesses, Summit to Soul and East Side Yoga, which offer physically active opportunities for individuals in a group setting on the Hill.

Summit to Soul is an athleisure boutique featuring a curated collection of ecofriendly, responsibly sourced athletic apparel and accessories. Located at 727 Eighth St. SE, it features free active running and yoga events throughout the month. Visit for more information.  

East Side Yoga is located at 518 10th St. NE. More information about free events and classes can be found at

If you are currently unable to start running, incorporate walking into your daily life to get closer to your running goal. Physical activities improve digestion, mental health, and overall well-being. What will you be doing this holiday season to help relieve holiday stress, giving your body more joy?

After a jog to the studio, runners get a free 20-minute yoga class led by East Side Yoga founder Alia J. Khan. Photo: East Side Yoga
East Side Yoga founder Alia J. Khan (left) and Summit to Soul owner Kim Wattrick combined their love of fitness to promote a free Yoga on the Run event this fall.

Stacy Peterson, MS, MA, CSCS, CHHC, is a functional nutrition educator, holistic health coach, and strength and conditioning coach practicing whole-foods nutrition and physical training for individuals of all ages and activities on the Hill. She provides an integrative aspect to everyone’s healthcare and performance team. For recipes, nutrition, and exercise tips sign up for the monthly newsletter at To see how we can help you achieve your health and/or fitness goals contact Acceleration Sports by emailing stacy@accelerationsports.netor calling 805-704-7193. 

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