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An Urban Oasis

Jaime Bohl, owner of Lavender Retreat Wellness Club located at 1236 Penn. Ave. SE, has created a sanctuary for Hill residents. With several treatment rooms, lounges and a peaceful backyard, Bohl hopes her business will offer a welcome respite for overworked clients.

The most unique feature of Lavender Retreat Wellness Club is the opportunity for clients to buy a membership, limited to just 300 people, which enables dedicated customers to have a monthly spa treatment at a reduced rate. By joining the club, clients can make their physical and emotional health a priority and will build relationships with Bohl and her staff, thus enabling the massage therapists to customize each treatment to the client’s needs on a given day.

The customized treatments may include traditional massage as well as specialized therapies such as reflexology and cupping, which uses suction on the skin to encourage blood flow. “I want to provide a home away from home,” Bohl said. “I wanted to provide a quality place and a quality service while building relationships.” Bohl spent six months renovating a former women’s shelter on Pennsylvania Avenue and has transformed it into an inviting, tranquil space.

Her desire to help people balance their lives and take care of their health inspired her to open her first retreat center in 2003 in Woodbridge.

In addition to spa services, Bohl offers travel services to various destinations including Costa Rica, Italy and South Africa. “Taking care of yourself is a lifestyle,” Bohl said, and she wants to enable her clients to travel with like-minded people. Lavender Retreat will begin welcoming clients just after the New Year, so why not resolve to spend time in 2014 at this quiet, harmonious refuge?

Contact Lavender Retreat Wellness Club at 1236 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington DC, 20003, by calling 202-450-2329 or by emailing info@lavender-retreat.com


The Hill’s Version of Richard Simmons

I took a Boot Camp class at Atlas Fitness a week ago, and I’m still sore. Owner Tim Bruffy offers classes that push clients to their limits and helps them leave every session a little stronger.

From triathletes to senior citizens to pre-teen soccer prodigies, clients of Atlas Fitness can choose from a range of classes and work one-on-one with trainers to create programs that fit their needs, goals and schedules.

“Training is tailored and personalized,” Bruffy said, “so clients develop a relationship with their trainer.” After offering boot camps at various locations on the Hill, Bruffy opened Atlas Fitness a year ago and his brand of specialized training has already won over many Hill residents.

“I have noticed a tremendous change in my body composition and strength level over the past year that I have been working out at Atlas,” dedicated client Jennifer McPhillips said. “I have tried several different gyms on Capitol Hill and nothing has come close to the intensity and dynamic nature of Atlas Fitness.”

Often collaborating with a variety of specialists including chiropractors, nutritionists, physical therapists and even the trainer for the Nationals, Bruffy favors a holistic approach to keep his clients strong and healthy.

“Tim knows about muscle structures and how they work together,” Hill resident Melissa Hook said. She started working with Bruffy last year to recover from a long-term injury which affected her neck and back, and she is now able to do push-ups.

Looking ahead, Bruffy hopes to offer fitness activities for children on the Hill and for senior citizens. No matter the age or fitness level of the client, Bruffy and his trainers are ready to help, one deep knee lunge at a time.

Contact Atlas Fitness at 920 11th St. SE Washington, D.C. 20003, by calling 202-525-5183 or by emailing team@atlasfitnessdc.com


Healing the Hill’s Mind, Body and Spirit

After spending time at Healing Arts of Capitol Hill, clients will feel ready to tackle gridlocks, shutdowns and even post-holiday blues. The team at Healing Arts works with a range of clients, from children to retirees, helping Hill residents live healthy, balanced lives.

“We are a wellness collaborative,” said massage therapist Ruth Anne Keister. “We use a unique combination of disciplines and work collaboratively to improve people's health.”

Owner Mary Rieger opened Healing Arts in 2000 in her Capitol Hill townhouse, and she and her fellow therapists have many long-term clients for whom they personalize services.

“We work from a similar mindset – that of accepting our clients exactly as they are,” Keister said, “not hoping or wishing they would be better or different. We are their partners along their path to wellness.”

In addition to massage therapy, Healing Arts offers acupuncture, psychotherapy, divorce mediation and lessons in the Alexander Technique, which teaches awareness and body mechanics. This technique, which is popular with actors, musicians and athletes, can help clients develop a level of body awareness that will enable them to move more efficiently and avoid injury.

With two licensed social workers on staff, Healing Arts is making sure their clients’ minds and emotional lives are as well-cared for as their bodies are.

Contact Healing Arts of Capitol Hill at 320 G Street NE, Washington DC 20002 or by calling 202-544-9389